Hi. I'm Chris.

I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Game Programming from Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. During the year I worked on Sagittarii Run, a high speed racing game set in space, with a team consisting of 1 producer, 3 programmers, 4 designers, and 3 artists. I'm currently working at Square Enix Montreal as a Programming Intern until the end of August.

Since childhood, I've developed an immense interest in technology. I grew up in California, and spent large sums of time playing console games on the Atari, Nintendo, and PlayStation. In addition to playing games, I often spent the remainder of my time on a skateboard or Go Ped outside. I frequently used those to ride to a nearby 7/11 or Jack in the Box (oh, do I miss their tacos now). Having left California for Vermont, I miss the expansive selection of food, and I particuliarly miss In-N-Out Burger and Mexican food.

About ten years ago, our family decided to pack up and move East. After a lot of searching, we ended up in the quaint state of Vermont. While we left a lot behind in California, we've come to enjoy or new life in the cold climate. Vermont has yielded us a safe and educationally friendly environment that has led me to a future in programming.

With a deep interest in games and programming, I chose to attend Champlain College for their outstanding game program. The past three years have given me a great foundation for game development, and I'm excited to expand my knowledge in the field. I spent the summer after my junior year at Champlain working as a mobile programmer on an iOS travel application at the Emergent Media Center.

Working at the Emergent Media Center has given me the chance to apply my knowledge in programming in a serious work environment. During my time there I became very comfortable with programming in a work environment. While I enjoyed working on a mobile application, I'm ready to move on to a position in the game industry.

Before working the summer at the Emergent Media Center, I spent the previous five summers working in construction. In that time I was involved in rebuilding the second story of a house to constructing cabinets. I've been involved in countless projects that have shown me the real meaning of work and the importance of perfecting the product I create. While many of the days were long and grueling, I enjoyed them because I knew that I had a hand in the finished product. I'm glad I had a chance to have consistintaly work in a field outside of programming; it has broadened my sight and given me another major skillset.

While I enjoyed my time in construction, I know that programming is an art that I want to take part in for the rest of my life.

If you'd like to know more about the website, please see my post here.

Contact info: chris@chrisbrough.com